Tropical Pool and Spa carry a range of three and four burner gas barbecues. These come in enamel or stainless steel finishes and may be purchased with mobile trolleys or installed in your bench top.

We carry a full range of spare barbecue grill plates, gas jets and burners for all products we sell. Complement your barbecue with a variety of specialty barbecue tools from our selection.

Additional accessories:
Vinyl cover : US$ 39.93
Electric rotisserie : US$ 66.56
(prices include PPN)

Our Products

KYQ 8250SR

Five burner stainless steel BBQ with infra red heater, trolley and side burner.
US$ 1404.81


4 burner stainless steel bbq with trolley
US$ 969.82  


Four burner BBQ with trolley and side burner.
US$ 758.07

KYQ A8250M

5 burner stainless steel in built model which as its name implies can be built into a bench top.
USD $1,058.75

KYQ 7330 DSS

3 burner model
US$ 794.91

KYQ 7320Q

2 burner model
USD $ 465.85